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Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones

Stones are caused by deposition of various salts leading to crystallization and growth inside kidney. They can be composed of Calcium, Uric acid, magnesium and ammonium phosphates. The composition depends upon the underlying diseases process and hence just stone removal is not enough. Sometimes recurrences are seen upto 50% times in patients.

Modalities of treatment available with us-

Prone PCNL, Supine PCNL- Percutaneous nephrolithotripsy .

That means making a small pen size hole in skin through which kidney is entered endoscopically and stone is removed. Using either LASER or Pneumatic Lithotripsy

stone seen on xray
Stone in Kidney
PCNL with contrast in situ
PCNL in progress with contrast
PCNL Cleared
PCNL Cleared
Stone Yield PCNL staghorn
Stone yield in another Staghorn case

The procedure is simple yet effective. It is done with small scopes as small as 2.5mm in diameter. This Leads to early surgery, less post-operative pain and faster recovery in most patients. Bulky Stones are operated by us by doing PCNL. Supine PCNL is done in obese patients by us and is very safe.

MINI Perc and MIP XS

Advanced PCNL with use of LASER and small scopes which lead to early healthy recovery of patient. We such modalities and the patient benefits the most. MIP XS is most recent and advanced modality in management in patient with kidney stones.

RIRS- Retrograde intrarenal surgery.

It is about putting a scope through the normal urethra and going till kidney. The next step is breaking stones with LASER. RIRS is without any incision and without any drains. Patient can be discharged next day. RIRS is one of the least Morbid procedure.


All these modalities are available with us. The latest and the best that is available in the world of Urology.

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